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What terror acts exactly did the Kurds commit against Turkey?

Turkey claims so and Trump says that they are no angels.

So, what did the Kurds do in the past to Turkey or others?

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    The Turks and the Kurds have been at each other's throat since there has been a Turkey.  Both sides have blood on their hands.  That doesn't justify continuing violence on either side though.  

    The real issue however is that the Trump administration used the Kurds to further their interests and then hung them out to dry (i.e. betrayed their trust and left them to be slaughtered by Turkey).  It's particularly annoying when Trump at first said that he would sanction Turkey if they attacked the Kurds and then when they did he said that it was none of his (or our) business, even though he slapped some hasty sanctions on them anyway.  Trump acts like he knows what he is doing but he really doesn't and just makes random moves that make an already unstable region more unstable.  I'm sure there's an angle where he makes money out of it, I just can't figure it out yet.

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    40,000 have been killed in Turkey by PKK not that Turkey have not done their share of killing.

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    They fought for their own nation and their own self-determination, just as Americans did under George Washington in the 1700s.

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    Supreme Leader of Iran here - Look, American friends.  These Kurds commit terror acts against everything.  They breed with their sisters and they breed with goats.  for those terror acts we must agree to destroy them.  you want them as your friends?  its your choice.

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