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How much more extreme would temperature differences between day and night be if Earths rotation rate was 36 hours?

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    The Coriolis force would be lower, thereby reducing the intensity of circulation patterns. Hurricanes would tend to be weaker.

    But you really need to ask meteorologists and climatologists, not astronomers.

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    We would have some very hot and cold and some very shitty weather

  • 1 month ago

    Not much I am afraid,,measurable, but little.

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    Well, I don't know *how much* more extreme it would be, but... it would be more, definitely.  With an average of 12 hours more cooling/12 hours more heating during a full day, the areas around the tropics would probably be most affected... the polar regions probably would notice the change a bit less, again guessing.

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  • Henry
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    The earth is stationary and flat according so some of the evidence. Other evidence thinks it is a ball, but can't prove that because the first evidence set gets in it's way.

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