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Boyfriend of 5 years has lost his mind. He put me through hell and back just to test me he claims. What should I do?

My boyfriend has drove me insane. It started with him thinking I was lying about something and I wasnt but he doesn't believe me because of a little white lie i told him back in the beginning of our relationship. He asked if I told my guy bestfriend about it and i said no, when I did. So anyway, he was the one who cheated on me 3 times by the same chick. And I never had sex with anyone while we were together. Now I did have a converstion with someone from my past when we were on a break after he cheated. But i didnt have sex with him or meet up with him. I just needed to talk to someone because I was so hurt by my bf.

Now we are at a point in our relationship where its at a stand still we are having trouble trusting eachother. He told me he cheated with 7 women throughout our entire relationship I was pissed and then he would call me out of my name all because he claims he was testing me to see if I still cared about him and to see if I would cheat back. And I didnt so he says he was just joking he never slept with 7 women, it was only the one he told me about ealry on. Should I stick it through because he treated me like crap although he claims it was a test i still was put through allot.

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    One wonders why this would even be a question. If you're fighting all the time and he's cheating on you and putting you "through hell" and has "drove (sic)" you insane you need to get far far away from this guy.

  • Vicki
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    1 month ago


    That is the worst attempt I've ever heard at trying to take back what he said. I'm telling you now, he wasn't joking when he said he cheated with many other women. When you admitted you hadn't, he needed an out. And thought he was being smart. Do NOT go back to that. That's a disgusting, cruddy human being.

  • lala
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    1 month ago

    What your bf is doing to you is call verbal and emotional abuse

    So please get out of this relation faster then your eyes can blink

    or the the abuse will get worse and worse

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