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How to just get through high school?

I just want to get through high school. I want to go to college already. Although I have straight A’s, my grades don’t even matter since I plan to go to a community college for two years since my relative works there so I won’t have to pay anything.  Then, after two years I will transfer. 

I just have to get through two and a half whole more years of high school. I hate waking up everyday to go to school and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to dread school everyday for the next two and a half years. What should I do? Thank you.

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    Are you in the USA? If you're in 10th grade you can take the GED to withdraw from highschool and enroll in community college right away. I know many kids who did this. You'll be two years ahead of your peers and get your college degree sooner than if you stayed in highschool the full amount. Only do this if you're sure you want to go to a community college and transfer though, because if you unenroll from highschool then decide you don't want to do community college you'll need to go back and finish high school to go straight into a four year university.

    -Kate Yelkovan

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    Just focus on the things that make you happy although waking up for school isn’t always fun you make many memories and friends in school that you will never forget. The point of life is to be happy so you have to think why are you doing everything that you do. You go to school to go to college to make money but without putting in the work you may never be happy. Life can be a grind sometimes but if you are stuck focusing on the things that suck instead of the things that make you happy you will never truly be satisfied in life

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    Your grades still matter. When . you apply to a university, you will send your high school transcript and your community college transcript.

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    Where in that is the question?

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