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Why did I fail this exam?

I an in college and in a biology class. I studied my butt off for the last exam we had in the class and thought I aced it but come to find out I made a 53 on it. I did really well on the online practice test so I just don’t understand how I failed the exam. I even double checked my answers on this multpile choice exam before turning it in and thought I did really well. How did I fail so badly?

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    you did not study.  You just memorizing the online practice test which I think has some errors.   Study by reading your notes. 

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    Maybe your teacher doesn't like you

    Maybe the test had trick questions and traps which you didn't catch onto

    Maybe you were feeling bad/tired or had some external factor which messed with the level you were able to perform at that day

    Maybe they make their real test especially hard compared to the online practice ones.

    Maybe you were feeling stressed or something, or under the time limit didn't have time to do your best on all the problems.

    Maybe they correct the exams particularly strict, and would have also been strict on your practice exam if they corrected it, and you did get the questions right but small mistakes or missing parts in your answers got your score lowered.

    Maybe you missed some rule our something, for example maybe some of the questions on the multiple choice part had multiple correct answers and you only put in one answer on each question.

    Maybe they used an electronic device to correct the multiple choice part and when they corrected, maybe you hadn't filled in your choice with a strong enough circle, cross, etc for the device to register your answer. If this is possible, perhaps ask if you can see your exam again, and if you suspect something like this, discuss the possibility with your teacher.

    Maybe your test got mixed up with someone else's, this is especially possible if you have someone with the same name as you in your class.

    Or maybe you just got unlucky.

    This are all the reasons I could think of, maybe it is one or a combination of these. Maybe it is something else. Good luck on sorting this out.

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