I'm A SUBSITUTE teacher looking for a better job because my entire check goes towards my student loans basically. Is ulta a good job?

i think ulta in my area pays $8-9 an hour. I live in a small city so the cost of living is cheaper but food is still expensive for me. I cannot even afford to move out of my parents house because all of my money goes towards paying off my student loans. I have a degree in communication and I tried to apply for places like fox 10, news 5, other communication related jobs but all positions are filled. So I should I work somewhere like Sephora or Ulta? I have a passion for makeup too, never worked in retail though. I know as a sub I only make $60 a day for an 8 hour day. subbing was a easy job to obtain because all I had to do was pass a drug test plus the sub test. I feel like I've been driving all over town to find a good job and it's not happening so I might have to settle for retail. Anyone have experience with places like sephora, target, or ulta?


I can barely afford food because I literally have $50 to my name after I pay my students loan off for the month.

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    Look for a teaching job in an area that will give you better pay.

    The national average for one day of subbing is $105.

    You may want to work both. Jobs in treason may not give you enough hours each week, every week. Keep subbing and try for a retail job.

    Since you have a bachelor degree you could try for an assistant manger position a d then move up to a 1st assistant, then store manager,

    Small retail stores , like . Carter’s, Yankee Candle, small chain dress stores

    Have turn overs, once you have some experience in retail you can move up.

    Also try waitressing, you can make some good money and keep subbing .Get with a head hunter or a temp agency. Think outsidethe box.


    Be willing to move for a decent job. Expend your search and apply on line

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    The first thing to do is to find a full-time position in a city that you'd be willing to move to. Of course, that may have to follow finding a way to pay off your loan faster.

    Also, since you have a degree, you might want to find a position in a company that pays a decent salary. Work there for a while until you pay off your student loan, and then find a teaching position that you like. No one says you ONLY have to stick with teaching right out of the gate.

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