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Why does the Google Pixel 4 look identical to the iPhone 11 pro?

I just saw a google pixel 4 commercial and I was like why is google advertising the iPhone 11 pro? But then I saw that it was a google pixel 4 in the caption. In fact every google pixel phone looks identical to every iPhone. I thought a company like google would be more creative in terms of design.

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    1 month ago

    You're seeing an example of a hypocritical company following a trend, Apple removed the headphone port, was mocked and now look at how many flagship phones don't have the headphone port anymore. Apple released the iPhone X with that ugly notch, was mocked and now you're seeing many phones have the same notch.

    They say Apple doesn't really innovate anymore, which I kinda agree with, they're mostly staying safe at the moment. But for a company that isn't innovating, a lot of competitors do seem to be copying the trends Apple sets.

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