I wonder what the issue of dyslexia looks like, in Oriental languages like Chinese, Japanese or Korean?

I had dyslexia as a child, I still have it, I remember my English teacher (here in Poland, this is a British variation of English), who was certified to teach Polish as well, once pissed off that I made a lot of mistakes in the English test, she said that mistakes in Polish can understand because we have one of the most difficult European languages, but why so much in English that it is one of the easiest languages in the world.

Dyslexia and dysgraphia were a serious problem for me, although paradoxically I was better in humanities than in mathematics such as mathematics, chemistry and physics.

I wonder if Asians also have something similar to dyslexia or if it only applies to European alphabets

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    Maybe it would involve mirror images of standard characters, or just difficulty in interpreting them. Recent research shows that different areas of the brain are affected than in alphabetic languages. This is a very interesting article on the subject:


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