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Is it worth getting a custom-fitted golf club?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    When people think about custom fitting, they think about those pricey custom shaft from Diamana and UST mamiya.  But fitting is not about that.   Fitting is about getting to know your correct specifications and the specifications include shaft weight, club length and iron lie angle.  

    When somebody is using incorrect length on their clubs, it can cause inconsistent ball flight.  Also if your iron lie angle is also too flat, it can cause the shot to push. Vice versa with an iron lie angle that is too upward.   Incorrect shaft weight can also cause difficulty in timing and your back swing.   

    But note that, when you want to get custom fitted for your clubs, you must have already know how to swing a golf club properly.  

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you play that much golf and you are good enough that it matters. I have a set of long and stiff shaft irons, so that is somewhat custom, and it helps with accuracy and precision (I am tall so regular clubs caused me to have too much flex and a tendency to come around and across, thus causing slices or fades). Lots of people get a custom driver and seem to believe it is worth it.

    If you play once or twice (or more) every week, it would probably be worth it if you get a proper customization. If you play 5 times a year, it won't much matter. It won't much matter if you have trouble shooting under 100 either. the club isn't making that big a difference. Fix your game first.

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