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Is my workplace against regulations ? ?

So I work as a residential support worker. I have been there nearly two years and started back recently after maternity. I am very keen for my work to make some changes. Regarding breaks. We work 12 hours a day and only sometimes do our supervisors come over to offer us a break. We normally have to eat on shift around the residents. I find we cannot enjoy our food in peace. Sometimes there just isn't the cover to let us go for breaks. There's a group notorious for bullying new starts that the manager just laughs off. Also some of the supervisors actually ***** about some employees, even in the middle of handover. The rota is a mess, they are always ringing me on days off and also rang on maternity leave to ask to do some keeping in touch days! The supervisors don't know any answers to our questions and leave things up to us, often making mistakes. Some employees are very loyal to them, mainly the bully group, so I don't think the top managers have gained real insight to the work. Most of the people who really see it as it is leave in a few months. I just want to make life a bit easier. What could be done to improve things ? The job suits me being 3 days a week as I have a baby and I have some friends there but the management and some ethical questions are prominent 

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    To answer your question you would have to state where in the world you work, as all employment laws world wide are not the same

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    WHERE is critical to answer correctly. Under US Federal law, this is 100% legal, as long as you are paid for the entire time.

    Some STATES have laws requiring breaks, and/or meal periods, but even those have exceptions for some types of jobs, and your work is MOST likely to fall under such an exception.

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    Call OSHA, report him.

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