Question about generations ?

I’ve been told by some that, it all comes down to how you feel and what you categorize yourself but hear me out after I list everything give me your opinion/ answer .  

 Generation millennials around 1981-1995/96.  I was born 1993 about 12 years after the earilest of the group 

 Generation z around 1996 

 Some speculate millennials were around to comprehend 9/11 and grew up in the internet explosion. 

 In my case from what I recall , I was not able to understand that event till many years later as I was only 8years old. I may have not been a toddler growing up with parents with all these gadgets and smartphones like the newest generations but I did have an iPhone by 9th grade(2009).

1981 and 1993 being very different times growing up . I would be a teen by 2006 just in time for the iPhone or born in ‘81 and be around for windows 95 . despite the fine line saying 1993 is a year within the millennials bracket edging so close to gen z by 2 or 3 years can I safely say I lean on gen z ? Given the things I’ve grown up with and the events I don’t remember.  I may have been alive in the internet explosion but that wouldn’t symbolize what I grew in when I recall surfing the web in my hand the first year of high school and it was actually in the public’s hands since 7th grade (2007) 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Most generations overlap by a few years.

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