Feminists, double question: What is the role of motherhood? Do you think the soft power of nurturance can equal other types of power?

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  • Bill
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    I really don't believe in the whole female nurturing crap anymore. You don't debate abortion for more than a decade and come out of it thinking that most women are worthy of being mothers.

    When 55% of women think it is perfectly fine for them to kill their own pre-born children for any reason they see fit you can't very well rationally argue that women are nurturing creatures.

    The truth is that most women are selfish twats that will abuse anyone that gets in their way. They might be nurturing towards the children they want, but if they have a child they didn't want you will find that child will be neglected in one way or another in most cases. The fact that women are selfish twats is in fact the very defense women decide to use to defend their OWN belief that they should be able to kill their own pre-born children. Yeah, talk about a lack of awareness of how awful that argument makes them look.

    What makes it all but more amazing is that these same women think their position is fact empathetic and caring because god forbid a child be born poor and to a woman that has to deal with being a mother due to her own actions. The very idea that women should learn to be responsible adults escapes them because frankly women are never taught to be responsible for anything. They are raised to believe the world revolves around them and everyone must do as they desire, and so you're left with a society of selfish twits that believe in obnoxious things like killing their own young is a human right.

  • Dooby
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    Female nurture is a myth... just like Disney romance.

    .... you will never be privy to the fact that the vast majority of child abusers are female. It doesn't not fit the narrative.

    • Hercules4 weeks agoReport

      I didn’t actually ask about female nurturance

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    don't take the bait, ignore the troll

    • Hercules4 weeks agoReport

      It’s a perfectly reasonable and important question. Motherhood is important. Nurturance is important. Why are you so cautious to provide your view on this?

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