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aortic regurgitation?

Hi, i was at my doctors yesterday with shortness of breath, dizziness and a pulsing uvula and i was referred to the emergency room and they checked me out and two doctors heard something in my heart. They both heard aortic regurgitation. i was then referred for an x ray, an ECG and an echo. I was then called into a room without having the echo done and two different doctors told me i didnt have aortic regurgitation. I dont know what to do but i think they should have done the echo after the first two doctors heard a noise. any suggestions?

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  • Jason
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    A murmur of any kind has to be followed up with an echo. It's as easy as a test can get: You just lay there. Your regular doc can schedule one as an outpatient.

  • Byrd
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    1 month ago

    Find a good doc that specializes in hypochondria

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