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Is it ok to use my computer like this?

I just purchased a new motherboard for my PC, as the old one failed. the problem is that the new motherboard has an 8 pin CPU connector, but my old motherboard only has a 4, and so does my PSU. I plugged the CPU connector into the 1st 4 pins of the 8 and it fired up fine. I've even done a stress test and it runs fine. but how long will it last, and will I cause any long term damage by doing this?

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    It will be fine.

    If it's the same CPU, the current through that connector will be just the same so it's not a problem.

    [An adapter is a waste of time as it's still the same four wires and 4 pin connector at the PSU side].

    If you get a higher-power CPU, then you may need to consider upgrading the PSU to a type with the 8 pin 12V connector.

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    You'll be fine unless you have a high power draw CPU that can pull in more than 144w

    4-pin 144w

    8-pin 288w

    If you have a power supply unit that only has a 4-pin EPS connector, then you might want to consider replacing it for the sake of age. Power supplies do degrade over time. Most modern power supplies come with an 8-pin CPU/EPS connector.

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    The 8 pin CPU power plug was created for very high power draw CPUs that drew too much power for only 4 pins (such as the FX series). All it does it add extra 12 volt lines and ground pins so the wires don't get overloaded.

    If you've got a CPU that works with the 4 pin cord already, it will be fine in the new motherboard.

    An adapter is not needed at all, it's designed to be backwards compatible.

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    Probably fine for now. What does the motherboard manual say? The manual isn't just there for packing material!

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    Buy a 4 to 8 pin adapter.

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