Child Birth?

I am nervous for my first delivery. My mom started to hemorrhage when she gave birth to me. Has anyone else had complications? If so what are your suggestions to handle so I can know a little more about what to expect?

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  • MissA
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    A lot a lot A LOT of people have had complications of childbirth. The vast majority of them do just fine with appropriate medical care.

    Why not take a childbirth class? Your doctor can probably suggest a place to go if they don't just provide it themselves. Knowing how it all works can help ease your anxiety.

    • Ashley1 month agoReport

      Thank you! I did take a class with 3 sessions and it helped. Unfortunately in the last week 3 people I know have shared stories on FB of a friend who has died during child-birth (3 different women in the past week). Which just kind of gave my anxiety a little push.

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