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What war changed the world the most?

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    To answer that question definitively, we'd first have to know what the eventual outcome would have been if one of the wars we waged had never been fought. And obviously, we can't know that for certain, so the question is essentially one that can only be answered speculatively.

    Time flies like an arrow, so it only stands to reason that a war fought earlier in human history would have a greater chance of leading to things being more different today.

    For example, had the Greeks or Romans failed to repel their enemies from North Africa or Asia Minor, it's certainly possible that Europe may have fallen under the thumb of non-European people and their influence, which would have eventually led to a completely different governmental system dominating the region that spawned the greatest powers in modern history.

    It would be difficult to imagine a world where white, Christian civilisation failed to rise to prominence, but it's certainly a plausible eventuality had the Greeks and Romans failed to surpass neighbouring powers.

    Had Europe remained a backwater at the edge of the known world while the civilisations of Asia came to prominence, it only stands to reason that Christianity never would have come to dominate the West, and obviously the Age of Exploration, the colonisation of the New World and the Industrial Revolution would have either never occurred or would have played out very differently.

    Without strong European powers vying for influence and dominance, it's likely that the Middle East and East Asia would have become the dual powers of the Ancient World, and the two would have been in competition for the scramble to dominate Africa and the New World.

    Imagine a world where Persia and the Middle East ruled over Europe and North Africa, eventually crossing the sea to gain a foothold on eastern North America and South America while East Asia occupied and annexed western North America and the Pacific Coast of South America.

    In a reality where the people of Europe were never spurred on to compete with one another in a place where there are few natural boundaries to separate people and a limited amount of arable land to grow food, all of the conflicts that shaped Europe as we know it would never have occurred. Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Austra-Hungary - if they had remained provinces of some distant empire, never would have gained such prowess as warrior nations minus that practice, they never would have been compelled to build great fleets to set sail to the ends of the Earth to lay roots on distant shores and to push on for king and country. There would have never been a Pope or a church to permit, or even compel them to bring their religion and their way of life to others.

    For example, in a world where the Great War or the Second World War had never occurred, things would not be strikingly different today. The white,Christian nations of the world would eventually have become embroiled in a different conflict. The US would have either solidified its position due to its staggering advantage in occupying the choicest piece of l;and on this planet and having the most varied and industrious population, but even if the US had been only a short-lived failed experiment, the area would likely have remained in the European sphere of influence.

    But if the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans had consolidated and absorbed vast swathes of Asia and the Pacific, in a world where Europe was an arm of Persia or some Middle Eastern or North African power, the great scramble would have taken place between the two with Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent marking the border between the superpowers,

    An Incan victory at Cajamarca would have only delayed the inevitable.

    A French victory at Leipzig would have only tipped the scales so far.

    In essence, we'd have to go back to a point where things may have occurred that might have led to the world we live in becoming an impossibility. Only the erasure of the power upon which the modern power structure was laid could effect that change, therefore it would take a major Greek or Roman defeat to bring about the erasure of the cornerstone of Western dominance.

    Thanks be to Christ it never happened.

    We white Christians who speak European languages have been at the top of the pyramid for 500 years. Maybe we won't be here forever, but we've done a better job than anybody else might have done.

    I for one don't want to imagine what a world that was dominated by Asians or Africans for half a century might look like, and I'm grateful that I'll be long gone before that ever comes to pass.

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    Its impossible to answer

    cos the whole of history depends on what happened in previous history

    change anything and you change everything after it

    WW2 would not have happened if WW1 hadnt

    WW1 wouldnt have happened if the franko prussian war hadnt

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    The Both World Wars of XX century, World War I and World War II, and maybe French and American revolutions in XVIII century 

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    The First World War. It was the deadliest war that had ever been fought when it finally ended and dozens of new countries were created in its aftermath. The German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empire were dissolved, Russia fell to communism and became the Soviet Union, the US emerged as a great world power, it set the stage for WW2, etc.

    • Sircjalot4 weeks agoReport

      It was not the Deadliest war at that time, there were many more deadlier wars before

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    Second World War. Those that had not lost their empires in the First World War, lost them in the Second. But war ushered in the age of rockets and computers which precipitated the Third Industrial Revolution (the digital era). Nobody would have poured the resources into developing the technology with the same kind of impetus.

    WW2 saw the introduction of Nuclear Weapons which gave rise to MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Important to realise that war have continued around the globe ever since and probably always will, and that genocide on the scale of the Holocaust has been perpetrated many times over.

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    WW2 Hiroshima and Nagasaki we saw our FATE all of us the Angel of death its threat is sending the world mad, live today the devil takes the future Americans will down vote me and duck into the proverbial sand as usual ignorance is bliss

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    The Revolutionary war it proved the USA will go to war to get its own way

  • Anonymous
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    The inch war..

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Star wars if course

  • Anonymous
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    War of Jenkins' Ear

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