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What does trying to say mean ? ?

Like my mom said something an my aunt said so what she trying to say. The only “ trying to say “ I know of is when someone can’t prinounce words or having diifficulties saying something an I’ll be like what they trying to say 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    In that context: trying to say = attempting to say

    In general, the problem could be physical -- the person just had a tooth pulled -- or the person is having difficulty finding the right words.

  • susan
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    4 weeks ago

    Sometimes, there is another message in addition to the literal meaning of words. For example, if I ask you, "would you like a mint?" My words literally are a simple offer of candy, but I might also have another message which is, "the smell of your breath is bothering me, please use this mint to improve it."

    Your aunt is asking for someone to tell her what the second meaning is in your mom's words, in addition to the literal meaning. In the expression "trying to say," the word "say" does not mean pronounce or speak, it means communicate. What are you trying to say means what are you trying to communicate?

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