Same Sex Fantasy? I am gay or bisexual? I really need some answers. ?

I am currently questioning my sexual orientation. I am a 20 year old male and I am hoping for some help.

All of this information is very personal and I appreciate anyone’s willingness to help. I have always had a sexual fantasy about getting shrunken down and eaten by a man. When I was younger, I was bullied and traumatized very badly by boys my age and my older cousins. I also experienced a sexual assault from a boy my age when I was 11. All this said, around puberty, I started getting really sexually turned on by this fantasy and would masturbate to the thought of the male bullies and sports jocks in school shrinking/eating me. Each time in the fantasy, the man humiliates me and makes feel weak/inferior. It brings me back to the bad feelings I had in childhood. Also, by eating me, I get this sense of being left behind which was a common theme in my childhood. However, once I got to know one of the bullies and let’s say we became friends, the fantasy involving them would go away. I feel like it is because I finally would get male acceptance from them which is what I was yearning for. I have no desire to act out this fantasy as well.

All of my romantic/emotional attractions are towards women. I am also sexually attracted to women (namely beautiful blondes). However, the fantasy involving men is the primary fantasy I have. Furthermore, I am completely turned off by the idea of having sex with men.

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  • Sky
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    4 weeks ago
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    First, there's no harm in having gay/bisexual fantasies, and entertaining such a thought doesn't make you gay or mean you are automatically gay. Second, the fantasy of being eaten is called the vore fantasy or fetish. If you do a search online you can easily find many people who are interested in the vore fantasy. Third, to actually have fantasies about being humiliated and abused by bullies just like you were when you were a kid and it brings back those bad memories, that strongly indicates some deep seated feelings about it that are still lingering. You should really visit a therapist to address these bad memories and find a way to leave them in the past.

  • abcdef
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    4 weeks ago

    You are asking a question here of people who have no useful and or scientific/medical knowledge. Your "fantasy" is very explicit and clear and based upon childhood experiences that had a significant effect on you. No one here can really give you answers. Even if trained in the field (which I am) no one here can answer your questions because we don't know you well enough. As you have already acknowledged, your childhood traumas have left you scarred. You need to heal those scars. My advice, get professional help. If you are honest with your therapist and that person is trained in the right area, you will heal. You obviously have the insights you already have will help you. Good luck.

  • Bob
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    4 weeks ago

    Men need to find a woman, so find one. Gay sex is an abnormality you don’t want. There is no choice, it isn’t a game, you don’t design your sexuality, you are what you are. So be what you are

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you don't find the male body attractive and get hard by looking at it or you don't have any romantic feelings towards men, then you are not gay.

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