what does he really want from me?

This guy dated me several times (almost once weekly) and suggested that we become a couple in our 2nd physical meeting. We became acquainted online and messaged one other for almost a year prior to one first physical meeting. He confessed that he has some feelings for me and would like to continue to date me. I have some reservations but continued to "hang out" with him casually without the official title. There was no sex involved for the subsequent dates and it was more like casually hanging out with a platonic friend.

I started to develop feelings for him about a month after we dated. But i questioned his true intentions and feelings for me, he was upset and offended and suggested that we do not contact one another anymore since I was unable to give in to his intimacy requests. He subsequently proceeded to quickly delete me from his contact

I thought I was too harsh on my criticism on him and after about 6 months of No-Contact (NC), i contacted him again. This time, it was more to catch up with one another. After our meeting, I confessed that I professed my have feelings for him and wish to enter a relationship with him, but he dismissed me instantly, stating that he hopes that we can just remain friends and he neither likes me nor have any feelings for me. He simply apologized for any wrongdoings on his part and as usual, I have not heard from him again. He did not make any attempts to maintain contact. 

Till today, I am still unsure of his intentions on me. 

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  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago
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    It's obvious that he was willing to rush some level of emotional intimacy just to get the immediate physical intimacy (sex) he desired. When you made it clear that you weren't going to give him that without some actual emotional connection he got tired and moved on to the next victim. His "intentions" were to f*ck you and nothing more.

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