Will I be paid if I quit during training?

So I live in Ontario Canada for starters because I know these things vary from place to place. I recently started working in a fast food restaurant and for the past training days I’ve been sitting in the back doing training videos. I have decided I’m not interested in working there since all I hear constantly is the managers screaming at employees going as far to say things like “you’re full of s***” and not allowing people to keep their own coffee from home in their own mug even though one girl has an allergy and can’t drink anything with hazelnut so she can’t drink our coffee cause we can’t guarantee anything in our restaurant but free. They also only give one break for shifts over 6 hours and not even 9-11 hour shifts get an extra break! And most shifts are at least 9 hours! I’ve only worked 14 hours and watched videos but can I be paid what I have worked? Otherwise I’m related to a person of power on the military base and I gave him audio clips I took as proof and he’s looking into what can be done.

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes, you will be paid for the training hours you worked.

    If you were not involved actively to the conversations/disruptions you recorded the your recordings are probably illegal under Canadian law. At least one person involved in the conversation has to know it is being recorded or it is illegal.

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