How is college student life in hawaii?

I am currently a college student in a fairly large town and the job markets not great and the community college is meh but with them being gone I'd be able to get financial aid living alone but very likeley need a full time job if not close to full time, my family that i live with is considering moving to Hawaii and seeing as how i want to continue my education I'm wondering how is life as a student living alone in Hawaii  (I'd be living with them for a little but they'd want me to get my own place soon), my main concerns are finances ?


I guess the question wasn't exactly clear, I'm asking about the job market in hawaii i guess is to better sum it up, as well as the average cost of college and living in Hawaii vs a regular town living and college price. I'd rather not be living out of a van in hawaii even with a full time job.

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    The most economical way to live besides living with family is living in a dorm. Apartment rentals in Hawaii are very high. You need to apply to some schools and see what financial aid they can offer you.

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    Hawaii is very expensive as

    Almost everything gets shipped in, colleges are not that highly ranked and jobs are very limited.

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    Okay? Get a job. This is pointless.

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      Not helpful but i guess the question wasn't clear perhaps the edit helps with the clarification.

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