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Silly Food? What food have you made that made you and others LAUGH OUT LOUD on how it came out? Please Explain. Thanks.?

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  • 10 months ago

    My first cake, in a sincere attempt to impress my parents. My father brought it to work to be used as a doorstop.

  • denise
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    10 months ago

    I made some chunky fish cakes and 'baked' them in the oven, this was obviously the wrong way to go, as they all 'melded' together and we had to eat 'it' like a fish pie!

    It did taste good, even though it looked like it had been dropped from a great height!

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    As a child, I once made cricket pie, it was meant for our chickens but my aunt’s boyfriend came and ate it.

    He was such a good actor he convinced me to try some of it and I almost died xD it tasted awful, yet he managed to chew it and eat it.

    The recipe for the pie:

    - 1 cup water

    - 2.5 cups dirt

    - 100 grams crickets

    - some grass, chopped (for decoration)

    - dandelions (for decoration)

    Mix the water and dirt to make a homogenous mass, knead it till it reaches the consistency of crust. Put the crust into your pan, place the crickets inside, cover with remaining dough and decorate with grass and dandelions.

    Serve cool and accompany with water

  • Lolly
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    10 months ago

    Sure, Yahoo won't let me put up a picture right now, but just google the words "mel brooks chopped liver" and scroll down to the platter/bust.

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