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My dog is acting weird?

I have 2 dogs one female and one male. Every time I get close to my female dog and try to pet her one other dog starts growling at me and starts pushing my female dog away. He's never act this way before. im starting to think my female dog could be pregnant and my other dog is just trying to protect her? I'm not sure, any thoughts on this?


or maybe he's just being protective of my other dog? I don't know, its weird because he's never acted this way before

Update 2:

oh and he's always beside her. he never leaves her side

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  • 1 month ago

    She could be pregnant & you not know it? say it ain't true? You have dogs & you don't even notice when one comes in heat? & you didn't notice the males behavior while she was in heat?

    It bothers me so to know that most dog owners are like you & do not know very much about dogs. You know nothing about their behavior or the ways they communicate with you. I doubt you have done much training either.

    Just plain ignorant. The meaning to 'ignorant' is, the lack of knowledge. You never learned anything about dogs, even though you have dogs. You do not understand, you do not know & you don't seem to care.

    I hope to hell you are a troll & that none of this is true.

    • jessica1 month agoReport

      and I hope to hell you gtfo out my comments fr

  • 1 month ago

    He thinks of her as his mate. She may be ready to go into heat. To prevent unwanted puppies, prevent behavior issues and to prevent pyometra and other diseases in your female dog, please have both dogs spayed or neutered.

  • Jojo
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    1 month ago

    How long have these two dogs lived together.

    Obviously if you think the female may be pregnant, they are both intact!

    It sounds like the female may be coming into heat and the male will be wanting to mate with her very soon.

    Unless the dogs are show or work standard with credits to their names and A1 health checks and you are planning on breeding quality pups, then your female needs to be spayed.

    You do not give enough details about the dogs, their ages and how long you have owned them, to be able to reach any other conclusions about the males behaviour.

    • jessica1 month agoReport

      I want them to have puppies. She's never had puppies before because I usually keep them away from each other.

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