Hypothyroidism ?

Okay,so I started really feeling the symptoms last Thursday (oct 10) I was feeling fatigue etc but my doctors appointment is next week  (Wednesday Oct 23) for my thyroid. As a person with severe anxiety I worry that the the doctor will tell me that it’s too late to normalize my hormones. How long does it take for untreated hypothyroidism to worsen? Weeks,months years?  (I really never felt the symptoms until last Thursday)

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    One week will make no difference in the treatment of hypothyroidism hon.

    Many people do not recognize the symptoms, or seek treatment for years.

    Good luck

  • 4 weeks ago

    You should wait for the hypothyroidism diagnosis. You are speculating.

    If you are hypothyroid, then the medication is simply to take the hormone orally that your body is no longer producing. So no side effects and 100% effective.

    It usually takes about a month of gradually increasing doses and blood tests to get to the final dose. After that your thyroid levels will be completely normal.

  • Kerri
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    4 weeks ago

    People often go years with thyroid problems before diagnosis and treatment. While one will feel ill or unwell in the months or years before treatment, it isn’t fatal. I have hyperthyroidism and was sick/unwell for four years before starting treatment. I ended up having to get surgery to remove my thyroid because it was so enlarged it was affecting swallowing. After surgery I started hormone replacement medication and felt back to normal health within 6 weeks. It’s definitely not to late to normalize your thyroid hormone levels even if they are crazy out of whack. Your can breathe easy and stop worrying lol. If your levels show thyroid problems, your doc will prescribe appropriate meds (super cheap by the way..about $4 generic for 30 day supply) and your levels will improve pretty quickly. It’s been five years now since I started replacement meds and I’ve felt perfectly well.

    Source(s): Thyroid patient for 5+ years
    • Kerri
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      You’re very welcome! Feel better soon!

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