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Is the air safe?

We have the furnace in the basement which is clearly spilling both the cold (AC) and hot air into basement. When the house inspected, the inspector reported that they should be sealed because furnace is pulling air from basement. Basement is very dusty and dirty. Is this air safe to breath? If we cover those openings with tape, is it safe to operate the furnace?

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    the air is safe to breathe, yes. it's no different than the air you breathe when you go to the basement. openings in the ductwork can be sealed -- a special hvac technician's tape is used -- it is metallic and comes with a paper layer to prevent it sticking to itself [one peels the paper off as you go along the job installing it] this tape will last much longer in service than any product such as duck tape -- which dries out in a few months to years and loses stickiness -- thus allowing air gaps. ask for the right product at your local hardware

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    I'm confused, spilling air usually means leaks on the supply side that due to the pressure in the ducts Pushes air out of the ducts through those leaks. That can lead to reduced air flow to the conditioned space. It has nothing to do with health. They sell a number of products to seal those leaks and it is a simply job, any homeowner can do.

    The furnace pulling air from the basement can me either combustion air or the return air for the system. Depending on the unit as far as combustion air, it may or may not be an issue. As far as return air, while not overly efficient, if those leaks are before the filter, then it may be fine, all used to be installed in that manner a long time ago. If after the filter then it needs to be corrected to limit damage to the unit and to the AC coil.

    Again, they sell specific products for sealing these leaks and it is a job that homeowners can do. By the way, duct tape is not for air ducts. There are specialty tapes and such, there are videos and such out there.

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    A Supply Vent from your air handler is probably what you are referring to when you say spilling air. That is not a problem. What you don't want is a Return Vent, which draws in room air to be conditioned and recirculate throughout the rest of the house.

    The original installation may have occurred with a previous owner who used the basement and kept it clean.

    An HVAC technician is what you need to properly change the ducts/ducting in the house. Don't 'tape' up anything. Do it right.

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    Do not close up the furnace as it needs air to burn.  However it should have a dedicated air feeder pipe supplying the cold air into it. Talk to a furnace guy and note the brand of furnace you got and model number. or year or give a picture of the furnace. in the basement set up and the year approximately it is.   Air is safe to breathe in the house because every furnace has furnace filters that catch the dirt instead of blowing it into the house.

    . The furnace guys would have been following the rules for when the house was built so those rules change and you can make modifications to make your system more like modern systems.

    . As for the dust in the basement....better get out the brooms and clean it up.

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    It’s fine, unless you have mold or gas or paint or chemicals in the basement with your furnace, you wouldn’t want to breathe that.

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