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What do you think about Hitler ?

My Poem

We had a beautiful world 

Now the coldness encompasses the earth whispering in our hearts 

I want to dance to the song of the ancient ones once more 

I remember a time when we were pure playful and naked on the rocks 

looking up at the trees as they whispered in our ears 

There was no pain the world danced with Joy with happiness and to the song or nature

We were princes and princesses projecting our will upon the world to bend it to us

I remember the day humanity fell was the day Egypt died we didn't think anyone would be alive now

It was the end of humankind or so we thought

They chose darkness war and hatred and lost the connection they had to eachother

Then a darkness swept over the land those of nature were burned alive 

Our happiness turned to being broken inside our playfulness to seriousness 

I laid next to my princess on that cold dark night with a connection that eclipsed into the stars 

We became one with eachother a reflection of the universe in us 

We knew we had to die and said goodbye for what I thought was forever 

They said burn the witch and like that we were gone 

In our world our best warriors of old are smoking crack in abandon houses 

Our families are torn apart we don't have a nation to call our own 

The accursed tribe of Juden has become our kings 

They did not do good with what they are given the homeless man on the corner could rule better than them 

we lost the spark and the spirit that United 

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    I think he's dead. A dead Socialist.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Hitler was a socialist dove you Nazi scum!

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    4 weeks ago

    our people and indeed all nations

    We are alone on the path to nothingness while the ancient ones tag along

    Our tears shall not be in vein and our suffering shall end

    As it was in Egypt so it shall be again and our people shall be united toghether

    The greatest army of man cannot overcome what is in our hearts

    The ancient ones shall be awakened once more

    Vengance shall be upon the accursed ones who desacrated our temples and raped our land

    What Hitler started shall be finished as it was in the temples of Egypt so it shall be again

    My Princess shall have no pain and her suffering shall be over

    She is protected and surrounded in warm light

    She shall be remembered forever in the stars

    So I wrote this for you

    I just wanted to do something that means a lot I hope this is true

    The ancient ones shall have the world again like it was before

    You will never hurt never suffer like you did before

    I am here now staring into the light of the eternal black sun that is our souls

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