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Being broke in college/life... and coming from nothing. ?

I wish I was being over dramatic but I am not. Lol It has just been and my mom my whole life and right around the time I was born she lost her job due to her illness and was put on disability. All my life I have only known her to be sick. Way over 10 procedures but still the strongest woman I know. As I am sure you have guessed my dad was not around and I would say my mom made less than or about 20,000 a year, if that. Luckily we were blessed to find some ways around being so broke and thankfully I was never a needy child who wanted to keep up with the fashion or gadgets. With all this being said I had to grow up fast. I learned how to drive at a very young age as I had to take my mom to the doctors, pick up prescriptions and so on and so forth. I would still say I had a pretty decent childhood. I have never wanted a pity party or any bs like that but now I am in college. This is my third year and I am honestly surprised I have made it this far as my mom is still not in the best conditions. Still on disability but she now has a job and is doing better for herself. So I guess my question is. How the heck do I get off the ground? College is so damn expensive and I literally have a bill that has to be paid off in 2 1/2 months that’s well over 4,000 dollars. I am taking 7 classes so having a job, a social life, and going to school seems impossible. I can’t even imagine getting up at 7:30 Monday-Thursday and going to work, but I NEED money. What to do?

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    It all depends mate ok

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    Always walk away from ok

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