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Ramiro asked in Business & FinanceCorporations · 10 months ago

Before going bankrupt and closing all their stores Radio Shack wanted to change their name to 'The Shack'?

What do you think about this name and decision in general? 

They were going broke and wanted to change the name to give the store a 'new image'.

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  • 10 months ago
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    Well,that would expand what they could sell definitely.And The Shack is easy to remember.So I think its a fairly decent change but they could just leave it as Radio shack.

  • RICK
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    10 months ago

    No they didnt..........

  • 10 months ago

    Personally, I think the name sucks.

  • 10 months ago

    it would have been a much better name.

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  • Judy
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    10 months ago

    'The Shack' does sound cooler than the boring 'Radio Shack' but my thought - they'd need more than a new name to survive. On-line maybe, but not the stores. Their day has passed.

  • 10 months ago


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