How to increase airflow?

I have a small bedroom with a window that doesn't get any wind (or it's super weak). I don't think I can afford to get an exhaust fan, and a regular fan makes me cooler, but it doesn't get rid of the stuffiness? Is there anything I can do to massively increase fresh airflow? 

**I've also considered getting an air purifier but I have no idea if this would even help??

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    PULL fresh air through a room after opening the window. Set a fan near the room's doorway, but facing out of the room. It will be most effective if the door is slightly open. When you turn it on, the fan's back acts as a vacuum, suctioning or pulling air from the window through the room and out. This can also be gone in reverse direction, if the natural airflow is going that way. You also can create cross ventilation or airflow by opening a second nearby window, such as one in an adjoining room or a room across a hall.

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    Consider opening your door and the vents.....

    You should still leave the window open as the outtake.

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