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Why does my heart pound/ beat really fast after I binge eat?

Obviously binge eating is not healthy but I'm a normal weight (around 130 pounds at 5'7") and I run 20-30 miles per week. My resting heart rate is between 55-60. Yet when I binge eat, my heart beats so fast I can physically feel it pounding in my chest. It lasts for hours and it sucks. Obviously the take away is stop binging but my question is why does my heart rate increase?? What exactly is happening inside my body? Thanks

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  • Vortex
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    1 month ago

    Blood goes to your stomach to digest your food. It is taken from other parts of the body. Your resting rate is low from exercise so the increased rate to compensate for the blood rushed to your stomach makes you feel it is pounding. Your stomach may also push up your diaphragm closer to your heart adding to the sensation . If you feel this is wrong, see a doctor.

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