Why Do I Keep Getting Threadworms?

This is no laughing matter

This year I have had worms twice and I've taken the tablets and they still keep coming back, what do I do?

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    Threadworms AKA PINWORMS;; is a condition in which the small roundworm Enterobius vermicularis grows and reproduces with in the intestines.There are 2 steps how infection occurs;;;

    Eggs are first transfered from the area around the anus to clothing, bedding or toys, then the eggs are transferred to the fingers, to the mouth, to other people, then swallowed . Reinfecting occurs when the eggs are removed from the back side to the mouth.

    When the female worm migrates to the lower intestine and out to lay her eggs she applys a sticky susbance with the eggs and as she is moving to get the eggs out of her this is what causes the severe itching in the back side as a person scratches this are they pick up the eggs on fingers and under the nails and if happen to get fingers in mouth there you go infected, also anything you touch can leave an egg or several.

    If can go to your local drug store and get some medication to treat this condition, Mebendazole or Pyrantel this usually does quite well.However the entire family need to do the meds as well, since its easily to infect others and keep this going on...There are ointments to apply for the itch as well.

    After treatment reinfection can and has occured,,because live eggs continue to be shed in the feces for at least a week after treatments.

    Clothing, bedding, toys,should be washed daily(entire bedding), to try and eliminate any eggs.When you get up take all Pjs roll up toss into washer go take a shower to flush any eggs off your body from back side and hands(fingers) . then if have to re take the medication to rid your self of these little worms.

    Source(s): nurse
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    go see your doctor about it

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    What are threadworms?

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