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What kind of power adapter will i need ?

i need a power adapter to charge my iphone and Macbook i will be traveling to Asia Malaysia/Indonesia/Philippines

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    Your iPhone charges from any powered USB socket which you plug your charging cable into.

    Your MacBook has a charging adaptor which works with any of the standard domestic AC voltages used worldwide. If you slide the plug part of it upwards it comes off to reveal a standard “figure 8” cable socket. You can either buy an Apple worldwide plug adapter kit which provides alternative plugs to fit most sockets worldwide, or you can save a fortune and just buy a standard figure 8 cable with the correct AC plug on the end for the countries you’re visiting.

    Also, if you cannot find USB sockets locally or find they are too low an output then just charge your phone from a USB socket on your MacBook.

  • Greg
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    1 month ago

    You should not need a "power" adapter. Verify that your devices handle 240v 50Hz power by reading the writing on your charging devices. You will need plug adapters but they depend upon where you currently live.

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