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An extrait from the book of the ex pow guy. What do you think?

He closed his eyes and opened them again, breathing deeply. He was out in the cold, under a grey sky, in a dirty and heavy uniform. The ground was wet because of the rain, the water had gotten into the boots, his bones ached and he felt weary. Everything that surrounded him was causing distress. He was hungry and extremely lonely, like a newborn orphan child. A feeling of desperate anguish caught him in the worst moment, in which he was at the most vulnerable. He imagined that she was close to him. He knew it was just an astraction of his young mind tired of everything, a necessary illusion as not to suffer further. A way to stay alive, to pretend that everything was normal. There she was in front of him. Her long hair, her childlike smile, the white nightgown; she was reaching her hands out to him, kissed him and welcomed him in her arms. The smell of innocence he got lost in. Would he ever smell it again? He wondered if she was alright, if she was cold like he was, if she was sad, if she thought of him, just like he every single moment thought of her. Something, an instinctive presentment cominy from the depths of the sould, told him yes.  

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    It's Excerpt not extrait. You have a spelling problem. Learn to use a dictionary. Also read a book on the rules of punctuation.

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    Hon, you need to learn how to properly write in the English language. You have a lot of badly spelled words, inappropriate punctuation and other issues to work through before you can present an EXCERPT of a book.

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