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What to do when called a racial slur by an in-law?

I’m at SATM worked many years as a daycare provider. When my brothers need a free sitter

I’m available. I’ve watched all 3 girls 7,4,18mo of one of my young brothers since they were all in diapers. 

My bother 21 and his wife 20 have a toxic relationship all five members life in one room that is somewhat uninhabitable in his wife’s Nana’s home.

They are often not well cared for when dropped off or supervised when I have to pick them up. My 6yr boy who enjoys his cousins. Time range 10am-9/10pm or over night. 

The wife would pick up the girls and walk in my house and not speak. So I would just give her the rundowns of everything anyway My husband found her behavior disrespectful. 

I brought to my brother’s attention a few issues with the girls hygiene and manners The wife DM me “why was I talking ****” She didn’t voice this in person so why online? I told her talk to me in person in the end she often me her vagina and told me to go get black cock and called me a “whitey” there was no real argument

My eldest brother and I have albinism he took issue with my being called “whitey” He equates it to a racial slur.

Our mom keeps inviting the wife to family gatherings. Last time the wife sat out in the car and didn’t let the girls come into there nana& papa house. Now she wants us all to take family photos together an my elder brother and I are like why she does not want to be apart of the family and now we’d really like her to not be included. Are we be to sensitive?

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    "Once upon a time this long and complicated story made sense. Now is not that time."

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    1 month ago

    You know, this reads like fiction.

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