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Partition not showing?

so my computer just broke after a stupid windows update. I found out about it the next morning when I booted it up and it had a beep code. Went to best buy (where I bought the pc) for them to find out wtf is going on and they have no idea either. It's an HP Omen...-_- and it's probably a corrupted update or something I don't ******* know honestly...So they told me they're going to send it to the manufacturer for them to fix it but that would mean it would completely wipe all files! important files!!!! or give me a new one since it's still on warranty....anyway I bought myself an adapter to power up my hard drive from my PC that won't boot up to my boyfriend's PC to transfer my files to an external HDD. and it worked fine but it's only showing the D: partition.

if my computer was working fine it would show C: and D: "C:" is where I need the important files, documents, pictures....and it's not showing up. is it because it's an Active OS drive? I have no other options here i've tried everything to get my ******* documents but to no luck. could someone please just help me or explain to me because google isn't helping me at alllllll I am so FRUSTRATEDDDDD ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Thank you in advance!!!!

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    drive letters are not permanent. if you add another drive to a system and its bootable it might become the C: drive and shuffle all the others along so the drive letters are arbitrary. Also if you boot a different OS there are always other partitions that exist before the C: that might then show up such as the recovery partition. *** note due to the many types of hard drives about and cpu combinations, sometimes things like OPTANE which is a superfast drive cache but is part of the CPU eg in a i5 8300H+ system, then it may be the case that if the windows update applies a DEFAULTED driver to that drive that has the OPTANE(ie your c: drive) then it may not appear until the defaulted driver is corrected in fact it may not boot either. you should refer to the PC Maker that may have a WORKAROUND for your particular model of pc to get the OPTANE driver working again. In other words it may be a BIOS issue(especially if you havnt been keeping it up to date) the PC reseller ought to know about that. I would suggest to you to log in to the pc makers site and the page for your EXACT PC MODEL and see if there is a pending BIOS update, and get it, and APPLY it to your pc before doing anything silly. you may need to do more research before doing anything stupid. this is only one example of what could have happened. I know of at least one lenovo that did this.

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    You don't know therefore it must be a Windows update that has only affected you!

    It couldn't possibly be some weird sites that you have been visiting.

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    Install your backup. What!? You never made one? Learn from your mistake. Move on.

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    You could try using the windows install disk to either attempt to repair the partition itself or get to a command prompt and use the chkdsk/r command to weed out the bad sectors so that the partition is usable again to retrieve your files. You could also try a linux OS to see if you get lucky and it can see the partition. I suspect the partition is corrupt, possibly in the wrong place, where if running a chkdsk/r on the C drive states no such drive, it may not be retrievable. There may be companies that can retrieve from such drives, I don't know.

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  • Rayal
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    D: is probably your reinstall partition. A factory fresh install.

    If your C: partition is actually toast you are screwed as far as your "stuff" is concerned.

    USB Thumb drives are cheap and a complete backup of your stuff would have solved all your problems besides a dead HD.

    I would try putting the damaged drive back into your computer and using a linux Mint live disk or USB stick to boot your computer (just live boot not install) and see if linux can see your C: drive . If it can you can copy all your stuff to the USB thumb drive you just bought and get a new hard drive or reinstall windows from your factory D: partition.


    • Or a Puppy linux Live CD, Gparted can sometimes find lost data, otherwise go with the Hiren's BootCD disc for a free download & burn.

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