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Speed of a bullet?

How is the speed of a bullet measured?

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    Not as fast as Superman !

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    Speed is defined as distance / time. So to MEASURE speed you can use any device that permits the bullet to pass between two points and measures the time in between.

    I can do this by firing at something solid a fixed distance away. ie 100m I listen for the click of the hit.

    The time taken is the time for the bullet to reach the object plus the time taken for sound to return.

    In that way, without fancy equipment I can compare different bullets over the range of 100m.

    Now the bullet slows down in flight so what is generally wanted is MUZZLE velocity. Meaning that we need to take a much shorter distance and much shorter times. Optical sensors can do this with computer based timing.

    A final method is indirect.

    The bullet is fired into a heavy block which is free to move. Due to conservation of momentum the block moves at a much lower speed than the bullet but a calculable speed.

    This speed can be measured in several different ways without modern equipment.

    eg a pendulum, or a sloped ramp.

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    Usually measured in frames per second, basically stating how fast the bullet goes within a certain timeframe(usually a second) and how many frames(in laymen's terms, speed of the bullet) it goes. Very helpful if you want a faster shooting gun. More FPS(frames per second) the faster the bullets' speed.

    Hope this was helpful.

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    In the days before gun chronographs became available, the traditional way was using a ballistic pendulum.

    Still used in a teaching context to demonstrate principles of momentum.

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    Measured in feet per second.

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    A gun chronograph or shooting chronograph is an instrument used to measure the velocity of a projectile fired by a gun.

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