Why won’t python 3.8 recognize my module?

Won’t recognize matplotlab, pandas, etc. 

But they show up in the pip folder?

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  • 2 months ago

    If it worked before and you just installed 3.8, you'll need to install the modules you want (using pip).

    Each new decimal point version is a separate install, so multiple versions can coexist on the same system. You get all the standard modules installed, but not the 3rd party modules from PYPI or elsewhere. You need to install those yourself. That's because those packages might have different code for different versions of Python.

    The pip command is used to install all modules from the Python Package Index (PYPI) site. Using it can be a bit tricky when you have multiple Python versions installed (I have 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7 all installed on my system right now.) The way I use it is to launch it using the py.exe launcher. Run this in a command prompt window (or in the incomprehensible PowerShell window):

    py -3.8 -m pip list

    ...to run the pip module specifically on the Python 3.8 installation, as if you had run:

    pip list

    ...wtih Python 3.8 as the first or only Python installation in your PATH list.

    Then you can issue commands like:

    pip -3.8 -m pip install pandas

    pip -3.8 -m pip install Pillow

    pip -3.8 -m pip install matplotlib

    ...etc. for any modules you need from PYPI.

    If you're updating a Python version installed for all users, you'll need to run that from an admin login, or use "Run as administrator" when launching the command prompt (or PowerShell) window.

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