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Can someone help with the perfect birthday present idea?

Okay so we just started dating and we are still learning a lot about each other but I really want to get him something that he will really love. He is a huge Nintendo fan. Loves music. Metal (one of his favorite bands is Tool), hip hop, rap that kind of stuff. He also plays the bass. Has some vinyls. I want to get him something that will make him smile and really know I care. Can anyone give me a couple suggestions?

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    -Nintendo has a t shirt with the Nintendo logo.

    -Guitar pick is he uses them(I would recommend pairing it with something else if you do decide to

    get him one)( you can get them pretty cheap)

    T shirt of his favroite Rapper or Rap group.

    Nintendo game that he does not have.

    Nintendo hat if he wears hats ( they have some with just the logo)

    Cologne if he wears it.

    A book of the history of Hip Hop


    A book on the history of metal music.

    Nintendo logo football if he likes Football.

    A Rap CD he does not already have

    A metal CD he does not already have.

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  • 4 months ago

    I would suggest getting a basket/box and mixing it up. Add:

    -1 switch/wii/n 64/etc. game

    - 1 Tool poster or hoodie

    - 1 hip hop poster

    - 1 vinyl

    - 1 bass guitar songs book

    Place items in basket/box and wrap in paper.


    Getting an autographed poster/cd/guitar pick/or framed vintage concert t-shirt goes to show a lot of thought and effort.

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  • 4 months ago

    you could go to the petstore and get him a nice puppy, he'll love that

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  • 4 months ago

    I would get him a vinyl for his birthday. He sounds pretty easy to buy for.

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