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Some scientists argue that chimpanzees should be put into the genus Homo. What are the arguments for and against this taxonomic change?

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    No homo.

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    The argument for it is the slavish adherence to Willi Hennig's principle of holophyly, which states that a taxon must consists of a common ancestor and 100% of its descendants. Hennig calls those that do not include all the descendants "paraphyletic." Hennig's followers are called cladists, and the cladists regard Hennig's principle of holophyly to be inviolable dogma, almost like one of the ten commandments. Cladists do not accept paraphyletic taxa, such as Pan, since it does not include humans. They therefore propose to lump chimp and human in the same genus. Since the genus for humans has priority over Pan, therefore a genus that include both would be the current genus name for humans.

    For example, Reptilia, which includes lizards, snakes, crocodilians and turtles are considered paraphyletic by Hennig and his followers because it does not include all of the descendants of a common ancestor, since birds and mammals are excluded from Reptilia by most sane scientists around the world.

    Mammals and birds are not included in Reptilia by sane scientists because they are very different from reptiles. For example, both birds and mammals have 4 chambered hearts and are warm blooded, but reptiles have only 3 chambered hearts and are cold blooded or ectothermic. Insane scientists want to classify birds are reptiles, and they also classify reptiles that are close relatives of mammals as "mammals." Pelycosaurs like Dimetrodon for example are classified as "stem-mammals" by insane taxonomists, even though sane scientists classify pelycosaurs as reptiles. Sane scientists also classify birds in Aves, not in Reptilia, but insane scientists classify birds in Reptilia. .

    For the same reason humans and chimpanzees are classified in different genera by sane taxonomists because they are so different. Traditionally, animals that share the same recent ancestor and are similar are included in the same genus. Neanderthals are included in the same genus as modern humans because we share a common ancestor and we are quite similar. Willi Hennig and his disciples in contrast do not care about similarities. They only care about ancestry. They want all organisms that are descendants of a common ancestor to be classified in the same taxon, whether it is genus, class, order, family or kingdom.

    Funny thing is that not all followers of Willi Hennig are equally insane. Some are more insane than others. Those who are less insane refuse to accept the proposal to lump the chimp and humans in the same genus. Only the truly insane would classify chimps and humans in the same genus.

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    While close genetically, there are just too many differences to put chimps into the Homo genus.

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    Against: humans have 46 chromosomes, chimps have 48

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  • 1 month ago

    Which "scientists"?  You cannot make silly statements like that without giving details.  Whoever they may be, they are not proper scientists.  I don't believe a word of it.

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    For:  Only five million years of separation.  That shouldn't be enough to require a new genus, right?

    Against:  Sufficient differences.  We run bipedally.  The chimps don't.  Our foramen magnum has "migrated" from "behind the skull" to "under the skull."  Chimps don't have this kind of modification for standing upright.

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