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Why won’t my husband put his ex-wife on child support?

My husband and I both work. We make just about almost the same amount of money. He travels and comes home on the weekend. I just had a baby 2 months ago. I take care of all the children at home buy them clothes and feed them. I need help physically & financially.  Sometimes I think I’m doing way too much. I asked my husband why won’t he put his ex on child support? She doesn’t buy the kids anything. Not even clothes, shoe, birthdays and holidays. She doesn’t come at all. He claims he wants nothing to do with her. I believe that’s partial of it. What would your reason be if it was you? 

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    Your husband, unless he's a Judge, can't put his ex "on" child support. Your husband CAN file a petition for child support, and a Judge can conduct a hearing and make a decision.

    The Court awarded him custody but never addressed child support? Where?

    You aren't going to like this, but allow me tell you what a Judge very well may tell you. If you can't afford more than the children you have, whether they are yours or someone else's, mentally, physically, financially, WHY did you have another child? A Judge will understand that YOU wanted YOUR "own" child. That does not change your prior responsibilities to the other children.

    Talk to your husband. I can't file a Petition for him, and I can't read his mind.

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    He has legal custody of his kids? There's no reason to put his ex on child support if he has custody of the kids. You tell your husband that YOU need help. Demand that you GET help. The ex, "She doesn’t come at all.", really is not more likely to buy the kids stuff if he gave her money than she does when he does not. That's how she treats HER kids. Likely why he has legal custody. You demand help for YOU.

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    I'm confused. Are you raising his kids from his ex?

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    1 month ago

    He may not want his kids to have anything to do with her.  

    She may be staying away because she knows if she wants to see them he will file for child support.   Child support usually comes with some sort of visitation.

    If she's a bad apple, I would support his decision to forgo the money in order to keep her out of their lives.    Why the two of you had more kid(s) if you can't afford them...I have no clue.

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    1 month ago

    He doesn't want to deal with her. There are many documented cases where an ex did nothing at all, not even visit the kids. But, once the request for child support happens a custody battle begins. It's a very long drawn out process that is stressful not just for the parents but also for the kids. Can you imagine his kids suddenly having to go see their mother? They wouldn't understand why this suddenly happens and likely be scared and upset. He is thinking of what he feels is best for the children. Are you ready to face her once a week if it comes to that??? I'd say trust his decision and respect it.

    If you need physical help hire a mother's helper a few times a week.

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