Water leak no surface evidence.?

Water bill is $4 higher than average. But it's 35 gallons a day more than average. The city thinks the line would have likely been installed in nearly a straight line from the meter to the slab or about 20 feet. Beside this estimated line is a large tree maybe 12-18 inches from the estimated line where the water line might be. Where are the extra gallons going and the consequences if not repaired? $4 a month extra on the water bill is insignificant. City says no one city or county has a diagram of the underground pipes to the home. Thanks.


I'll post a photo of the two bills showing the cost difference between 850 gallons and 2800 gallons. It's around $4 extra.

Update 2:

Toilet eliminated. No water to toilet in 4 days. The meter runs when no water is being used in the house.

Update 3:

No inside meter or shut off valve. Not required 1970's. House across street no cut off valve.Only cutoff is City side of meter.

I found the pipe in a hole accepting water. We can't find the line leaving the house. City called & said the only diagrams they have are lines to their meter, not on anyone's property. This water hole maybe 9 feet from meter and another 19 feet to house. Alot of digging along the area where the found pipe is headed has yielded no water wells or wet dirt. We dig on.

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    9 months ago
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    City says no one city or county has a diagram of the underground pipes to the home.  City lies.

    They know where the pipes are on your property up to the water meter inside the home.

    Thing is that you are billed for the water you use....meaning it has to go through the meter.  Usually it is a leaking toilet.  There is a tap at the wall at the base of the toilet tank.  Turn that tap in until it stops turning.   If you know where your water meter is (mine is under the stairwell and it looks like a speedometer/watch for a car...with an odometer that counts off the gallons used and a needle that rotates around and around when water is flowing.  If you can find the meter, watch it and have somebody turn on a tap and you see it move.  With the tap shut off and the toilet tap shut off the rotating arrow should not move.  If it is rotating, you are using water.   Do you have underground sprinklers? then they could be leaking.   Toilets are usually the place where water leaks that you cannot see it or hear it.  It will be the flush valve or the tank water is higher than the overflow tube so water is leaking into the bowl and down  the drain. Drop by drop. Dishwashers may also leak as may clothes washers I suppose. So shut off those supplies and you will narrow the problem down to one item.  It is you or the EXPENSIVE PLUMBER.

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  • 8 months ago

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  • 9 months ago

    Sounds like a leaky toilet flap.

    Cheap and easy to replace.

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  • 9 months ago

    the most common cause is stickiness in the inlet tank valve inside one of your toilets

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  • elhigh
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    9 months ago

    The consequences are pretty straightforward: eventually the hole in the pipe, if that is what it is, will get bigger and cause a washout. It WILL cause a washout.

    35 gallons per day is not insignificant. You need to find that and fix it.

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  • 9 months ago

    $4 is insignificant and I doubt it represents a leak. No ******* way in hell your bill is that close or less every month. 

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