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Moving to Ireland?

I’m from England and thinking of moving to Ireland.. what do I need to do before moving? Me and my family will only be taking clothes and stuff. (Nothing big) 

How much roughly should I be saving to move and also last me while looking for work.. which areas are cheapest to live? Etc etc .. thanks 

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    You need to get jobs before you move, otherwise you will find it difficult to impossible to rent a property...... and renting is much more expensive so you will need enough money to be able to put down a deposit and 1s months rent before you get the keys ad at least 2-3 months money for rent and supporting yourselves

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    Depends where you're thinking of moving to in Ireland. (I presume you've planned slightly more than 'Ireland'?)

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Can see a problem in getting a decent job, to even make ends meet. Don't forget the Brexit factor.

  • Galway city is somewhat cheap . Dublin too but north side area. The south side is expensive and posh. I’d say save a couple thousand . If your bringing your family understand that Irish are catty when either an Englishman moves in or a yank.

    Also id stay out of the north as there’s still bad feelings and animosity towards the English there as well as violence

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