The difference between probation and parole in the correction system.?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Probation is under county; it is supervisory punishment instead of jail or prison. You are assigned a Probation Officer (P/O). It is usually a year as that would have been max. jail sentence. There used to be a bonus paid to POs for violators. But, with Chas. Ryan out, may be a change.


    Parole is a supervision after doing 50-85% of a prison sentence. It is under the State Dept. of Corrections. You are assigned a Parole Officer (P/O.) It lasts at least as long as the remaining time on your sentence.

    Both require monthly meetings with PO's. Both have rules. Like , no drinking, and UAs, either monthly or random. May have fine or restitution to pay off while under supervision, or be assigned 100 hrs community service. Can be other sanctions that are specific you signed for. Say, you got it for illegal assembly. You might have to sign an agreement not to be in public with more than 3 people.

    Parole is Far Easier, Officers Far more professional. There is no bonus, or "bounty" paid to PO's. Mine stopped my UA's as I was always clean and never did drugs.Probation usually restricts travel to within the county, unless you get permission from the PO. One guy went across county lines, his PO tried to call him. Guess What--his cell was in car w/a GPS. His PO Violated him..

    Parole usually restricts travel to within the state w/o PO's permission. (I had No cell, I went to NM to buy firecrackers. No problemo).

    A violation of either CAN mean being sent to jail, no bail, for 30 days until hearing. PO can add sanctions, or let it go. Judge Decides, can be sent to jail or prison (probation), or, back to prison (Parole). When my PO violated me, Rocky Doxlet, that Liar, didn't even Show to the hearing. Judge Fell got sore at him and terminated my probation, I was Free.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Parole is an early release from prison while probation is given when the person isn't sentenced to jail or has served partial jailtime. There are already strict conditions that come in both cases. Any infraction of the rules and the judge will revoke them on the spot. The suspect will be sent to jail after that. Anyone on parole or probation is under the strict supervision of the department of corrections. An officer from the agency will oversee them.

    • Cap'n. America
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      A parole/probation violation means 30 days jail, then hearing. At hearing, judge Decides. Might go to jail/prison/back to prison, or, as in my case, my probation was terminated. I had proof my PO lied and he didn't even Show to the hearing.

  • Bruce
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    1 month ago

    Probation is given instead of jail. Parole is early release from jail.

    They are both supervised by a probation officer under the Department of Corrections.

    • Anon4 weeks agoReport

      Probation can be given instead of prison, in some cases.Maybe in your state/county/country, it is the way you describe. Logically, there needs be only one exception to make it false.

  • 1 month ago

    Probation means that you are convicted of a crime but not physically confined, your punishment is that you have to check in with a probation officer periodically and your travel is restricted.  If you break the conditions of your probation you can be put in jail without further charges.

    Parole means that you are let out of jail early on a set of conditions.  Typically you are also under close supervision similar to probation.

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  • 1 month ago

    Probation come before jail, parole after.

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