What do you think about teacher who putting down students because they are different, have ADHD. Asperger or have other mental problem?

I have Asperger syndrome, but i have many friends who had other mental problems?

I'm Polish i was member on many international forums such as this one


As kid i had some friend who had Asperger (i had also dyslexia, dysgrafia and to some extant dyskalkulia) like me and meet some kid who had ADHD

One of my friends heard that his place is a prison, because he often did not pay attention to the teachers, that he was useless, that during communism ADHD was treated with a belt :-)

And finally, my friend graduated from the faculty of chemistry, he said that sciences classes , like mathematics, physics, chemistry are the only subjects he did well, it was the opposite for me, I did better, in humanities, Polish, English. History and Knowledge of Society (this is a subject in Polish schools about political systems, in Poland and in the world, and how economics works)

My friend said that the only thing he ever did more serious in school was to steal some sodium from the school laboratory to throw some into Sodium into the river with his girl

I have Asperger Syndrome once people like me were also considered idiots

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  • boris
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    1 month ago
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    They should be suspended. Complain about them.or go to the media

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    ADHD is proven to just be immaturity, it is no longer viewed as a mental health disorder

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