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What is the future of copy machines?

Will it ever be possible to take a large stack of papers (such as 400-500 sheets) and it automatically 3D prints a full stack in seconds?

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    Yes, but not in your lifetime.

    • I see the next possible upgrades as only being in the ink / toner / thermal processes. We can a;ready print onto at least 50 kinds of surfaces like overhead projector sheets, CDRs, different stock weights, pretty much anything almost.

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    star trek replicators do not yet exist and likely will not in then next severalhundred years. and, no, this can not be done

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    Modern Copy machines are already extremely efficient at what they do, but the need to even have a paper copy of anything is becoming questionable.  3d printing technology would never be adopted in such a way since it's not well suited for 2d printing at even slow speeds.  It's subjected to the same physical limitations as a regular copier would trying to put out 500 sheets and would never be able to do it faster.  If you had any understanding of the mechanics of copiers and 3d printing you would understand in many ways they are quite similar and how insanely efficient something like a laser printer really is at printing documents.  Furthermore copiers already have a huge head start since they don't have to literally build a piece of paper.

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    I assume you mean without separating the sheets. I doubt it.

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