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Why were we expelled from college? What are my career options?

I tried to put the innards of a TI 89 calculator inside of a TI84 in order to sneak a calculator with a Computer Algebra System into my calculus midterm to make up for inadequate algebra preparation in high school. The device worked and would have gotten me 96% on an exam that would have given me a 10 percent if I hadn’t used the modded calculator.

My sister and I were able to pass the modded calculator back and forth to share answers and make a team effort of gaming the system to pass this required class.We were both expelled from the Purdue pre-med as a result, they had seized the device and had bold face evidence against me so We just accepted the sanctions to save on lawyer bills and was expelled. I wanted to go pre med to research cures and she wanted to do engineering.Ourcareer options are now limited, and we have taken up a new goal of getting signed by a record label and saving up enough money to open my own research business that will employ Purdue grads and create jobs for many and won’t discriminate against those with a bad past.My sister and I have decided to go on a tour of fairs and talent shows that have cash prizes and our singing act has won 33 out of 36 times and has placed every time. This puts us at about a 95 percent statistical success rate and the prize money has allowed us to save up as well as more than paying for our travels.

This 95 percent chance is much better than just working menial jobs and spending all excess income on lottery tickets?


Our plan is to not go right to Hollywood, that is too competitive and there are better prospects in other smaller markets such as Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, London or Boston. I figure that there is at least a 75% chance of eventually getting signed and earning enough to invest in our research and development startup/ non profit that we will give money to on the side.

This is still better than just earning minimum wage and buying lotto tix.

Update 2:

Is the music market in Las Vegas any less competitive than Hollywood? Given our stats are the odds of a family sustaining income from that career and getting a record deal any better than the odds of winning big in a casino if we gambled all our income from minimum wage jobs.

Assuming these stats it indicates a high probability of successful musicians? What path forward should we try?

Update 3:

We are also starting a YouTube channel which might attract a lot of views and have a link to attract people to invest in our research firm which we are developing a business plan for.

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    1. You were expelled, simply, for cheating in exams. This is bad, and exactly the sort of thing people get expelled for.

    2. Your career options are not based on minimum wage, unskilled entry-level work.

    3. Don't for a second imagine that just because you want it, you'll get a record deal. Your own opinion of your talents means absolutely nothing compared with other peoples when you actually perform, and the competing talent of other performers who may be better. You need to be far more realistic about your options right now, and not put everything into a very slim chance of succeeding at something that millions of people try and fail at every year.

    You DON'T have a 95% chance. Hell, 33 out of 36 is only a 91%. And you still can;t be sure you'll do any better in subsequent years with judges who may not want to award you the prize BECAUSE you won before.

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    What does this have to do with finance?

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    Too bad you didn't put your brains to better use. Felons will never be physicians, or engineers or anything else that requires good conscience - good morals, good ethics and honesty.

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    1 month ago

    troll. spend your time looking for a job.

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    Assuming this is true, you INTENTIONALLY CHEATED.

    That said, I doubt you are CAPABLE of doing what you claim.

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    33 out of 36 is not 95%...

  • In
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    1 month ago

    You were passing answers back and forth. That is called cheating.

  • Human
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    1 month ago

    That was scummy. Glad you got caught.

  • Brian
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    1 month ago

    If you can't figure out why you were expelled, it's doubtful that you were in pre med in the first place.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Stop trolling you immature child.

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