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What now? Erdogan refusrs to meet with Mike Pence regardin ceasefire.?

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  • Sharon
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    2 months ago
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    Erdogan has no reason to discuss a cease fire, as his troops destroy churches, schools, hospitals, take over abandoned U.S. bases, rape and slaughter Kurds, and collect major amounts of loot. Perhaps if the Syrian army, backed by the Russians, stop his advance and kill a few thousand Turks his views will change. Either way Iran sits it out, giggling.

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    Sanctions, but Turkey is almost in a position where they can no longer advance and will have to pull back their soldiers. The Syrian government made a deal with the Kurds that would have them take over the border in certain areas to stop the Turkish advance. The Turkish justification for attacking the Kurds was that they said they were terrorists and they were protecting their border, but this justification doesn't apply to the Syrian government and army on sovereign Syrian land. If they try to continue to advance against the Syrian government, then it goes from a supposed counter terrorism operation into an illegal and unjustified invasion and declaration of war on the country of Syria.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    English please.

  • Ludwig
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    2 months ago

    It is a question of social standards. Most of us would decline to be introduced to Mr Pence. Nor would we wish to know any of those beastly little middle class proles in the 'Trump' family. Can't you send him someone who wouldn't be 'out of place' in polite society?

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