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On a scale 0 to 10, how would you rate Adam Cole?













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    Striking: 4 maybe. I say 6 because currently his biggest points of offense that get the job done are The Last Shot and the occasional Superkick that actually puts down opponents. From a kayfabe perspective that means he's a decent striker. From a strictly mechanical perspective though, I don't think of him as a good kicker, chopper, or puncher. I don't see any overtly flawed technique in his striking game, but he doesn't chop like Roddy, and he doesn't kick like Kyle,

    Technical- 5. I don't think of him as a mat technician or anything. I think he used the Figure-Four once or twice to finish a match. Other than that, unless there's already a target on a limb, he isn't the type to pick a part to pick apart. He's a pretty textbook guy.

    Agility- 5. Again, nothing remarkable. The Panama Sunrise is an impressive move to pull off without killing your opponent via tea bagging, but a lot of the technique in it relies on the person taking the move. He's not pulling off springboards or hindu presses or anything like that.

    Speed- 5. Again, while he's a smaller guy, when I think Adam Cole, I don't think 'speedster'.

    Stamina- 10. I've never seen him blow up, and he's had plenty of long haul matches

    Strength: 5. Again, he's not deadlift gorilla pressing his opponents off the ground or anything. You don't look at him and say 'that's a guy with exemplary upper body strength'. I'm trying to think of all of the offense he does that even takes his opponent off of their feet, and all I can come up with is the brainbuster to the knee and the Florida Key. Both are great moves, but a modified german and a half-****** vertical suplex lift aren't exactly Braun Strowman moves.

    Psychology: 8. He knows how to tell a story and play with the crowd. The guy's a true showman heel who knows how to manipulate an audience.

    Match Quality: 8. I haven't seen many Adam Cole matches that disappointed me, if any at all. I also haven't seen any that stuck with me all that long or struck me as 'Match of the Year' contenders. Even his bouts with Gargano, while good, and built up well, aren't really all that memorable to me. They were great in the moment, but I haven't felt the need for repeated viewings.

    Charisma: 8. Again, above all else Cole's a showman. He knows how to talk, he knows how to convey charisma in the ring, and he knows how to make an audience do and react how he wants them to. That's a rare quality in this day and age.

    Tag-Team: 8. I preferred Future Shock over reDRagon for quite awhile.

    Mic Skills- See Charisma

    Heel- 9. He's kind of a cool heel, so I'll deduct a point.

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