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Hello. I am 17 years old and I have always dreamed of being a Navy Seal to defend my country and being able to deploy in combats action.

I always had great passion in war and battles action but am I too old.. is it too late for me to get in?

I mean if it is too late for me there is battlefield and call of duty but it is just not the same to the real deal because the threats not real and there is no real saving to be done to your country.. I just feel so lost in life if I am unable to make a Navy Seal career because it is too late.

Anyone help? Serious answer plz. Thank you


I have always dreamed of being a Navy Seal since I was 6 years old

Update 2:

To the guy ask how do I imagine "how am I too late" aren't most military started around 15-16 years old? Is what I thought I was told from people and from TV/Movies based on military 

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    Navy Seals is a tough nut to crack. A friend of mine who was built like a steel bath tub couldn't make that happen. If you don't get in Seals, the regular Navy is still a great life. My paternal grandfather joined in 1912 as a Seaman, he traversed the enlisted ranks into the Officer ranks by 1928 and retired as a Rear Admiral in 1951. He died several years before I was born, he served in 2 world wars and multiple conflicts. He was a real guy.

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    You can join the Navy at age 18. Go see your local Navy Recruiter and ask for a Seal Challenge Contract.

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    You are not even old enough to be a SEAL, how can it be too late.

    Your question shows you do not have the mental capacity to pass the training

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    You are only 17 so it isn't too late to join, but there will not be any conflict where the US is actually in danger.

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    Serious answers?  Is this even a serious question?  Comparing actual SOF missions to video games?

    If you want to be a Navy SEAL so bad, why have you not bothered to spend a few minutes on the Navy's recruiting website to see that you aren't even old enough to enlist without your parents' permission?

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    You're technically not even an adult yet. How on earth do you imagine you're "too late"?

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    Too late? Aren't you too young? I didn't think you just walked into the Navy seals. You need to work your way up to it and secure candidacy for the highly competitive programme by firstly proving yourself in fitness and mental balance in other aspects of the military.

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