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Moving abroad ?

Can someone tell me how much roughly it would cost to move abroad, what I would need to do before moving.I wouldn’t be taking anything other than clothes. How much would I roughly need to live off while I’m looking for work over there.. also if anyone knows nice, cheap, quiet places abroad to move to that would would be great! Thanks 🙂

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  • RICK
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    3 weeks ago

    First, you can not judt move, you need permission from the country you want to lve in. Getting that permission is hard

    Thr biggest part is proving you can support yourself, you csn not just move snd apply for a job

    Second, it costs thousands after you get permission

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    What are your qualifications for either temporary employment visa or immigration anywhere. You do NOT "move" to another country, then start looking for work. Only qualified employers can apply for employment visas for their qualified foreign employees, and the employee must have the visa prior to entry into that country.

    Unless you are a citizen of an EU-member country with EU rights, and you are fluent in the language of the other EU-member country where you want to stay & work, you don't go anywhere without meeting all qualifications for proper visa or immigration, and you actually obtain the visa or immigration visa/permission prior to entry to the country.

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    You can't just move to most countries, you know. It's easier to move to some places- such as some Central American countries, than it is to move to others. It's almost impossible for Americans to move to EU countries. It's a little easier in eastern Europe, where the cost of living is lower, too.

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago

    Many counties require you to have a work visa to move there. Which means having a job already lined up with an employer who is willing o sponsor you visa,

    Where you are coming form and where you want to live would help get a better answer. Along with what education you have.

  • Tavy
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    4 weeks ago

    What do you call abroad? And where are you, this is an international site.

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    You'd need a visa for that country before you could move; these are often very difficult requiring high level skills / education.

    So - what education / skills / experience do you have?

    What languages do you speak?

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    That utterly depends on, firstly where you are.....that would help and where you are going! If you moved to Nigeria, you would not need as much money as if you moved to Luxembourg!

    But thousands. It costs thousands to relocate.

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